Bio Information

Bill Sekelsky

2. AKA - Nickname(s): Mr. Bill, Bilge Pump

3. Band member since: Been hangin’ around since about 1985 as the guy
across the street from the band party house on Vineyard

4. The primary function I serve in the band is as: Having not been blessed with
an ounce of musical talent, my function is to blind the band members and prevent
them from catching a chill on stage as the Head Lighting Guru.  Additional
responsibilities include “trying” to make them sound good as the auxiliary sound

5. I can also fumble my way through:  Instigator for tape ball fights

6. I became fascinated with sound when I was: Bathing as a young lad and
became inspired by the sound of the bubbles in my bath water.

7. I became interested in music because: Those three guys across the street
always seemed to have lots of girls over, so I started hanging around the house
until they let me in.

8. Besides Pieces of Eight, I currently support other bands by:  Providing
sound and lighting for numerous bands and events across Northeast, Ohio as the
owner/operator of C&S lighting and sound.  

9. Music is a fun hobby. But in real life in my day job, I am: Spend any free
time with my two wonderful kids, enjoying them as much as I can

10. Outside of performing with the band, I have a life. In my personal life:
Make the most out of each day….life is short!

11. When not performing in a band I like to: Think about how to make things
better when not dancing around in clogs like an Irish man with painful rectal itch.

12. My thoughts on Pieces of Eight are…  When they are around, never sleep
on your stomach!

13. My favorite band related saying is… “F % # K!!!!

14. My favorite memory of being in the band over the years is probably…
Watching intoxicated band members fly through the air with the greatest of ease
after a community festival when they decided to sneak onto the large slide (which
was damp from a recent rain shower) and reach speeds in excess of Mach 2 while
flying over the humps.

15. Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to add… You can never have too many
friends, and these guys are the best.  Besides, when you have these guys as
friends, who needs enemies?!
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