* Frequently Asked Questions *
You have questions, we have answers. Here are a few questions frequently asked about the band
and now answered. Please let us know if you have any additional questions we can answer.

Will you guys please learn to play __________ (my favorite) song?
We are always interested in your musical suggestions. Keep in mind the band plays particular
songs and music styles for specific reasons. We choose songs that the majority of the audience
may enjoy, songs that we can actually play live, or musical material that fits our style and other
songs we already perform. We try to focus on instantly recognizable songs and material the
audience can dance along with. We also play songs we like and have been known to play songs at
a moments notice when certain conditions are met in advance... wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Why is the band called Pieces of Eight?
When the band first started out, we were a Styx tribute band. After all, who can't get enough Styx?
released an album of the same name... Pieces of Eight.  No, not really. Former drummer Jeff
Strauss had the uncanny ability to count to eight and quickly realized we were an eight-member
band. Duh!

Do you play weddings?
Of course... as well as bar and bat mitzvahs. Pieces of Eight has performed at many wedding
receptions over the years (one can be classified as a funeral however). Keep in mind the band does
not play traditional wedding songs like the Hokey Pokey, Electric Slide, Daddy's Little Girl, The
Rodeo Song, etc. But we will play music that gets a crowd up and dancing and help keep long-time
family feuds from flaring up. Any special song can be played on breaks from an Ipod however.

I heard you guys are all doctors and accountants by day. Is that true?
No, not true. That was actually a rumor started by the Cleveland Heights police department... but
that is another story. And yes, we all have day jobs and other careers... but nobody in the band is
an accountant or a physician. The band employs a mechanical engineer, a systems analyst, an
HVAC project engineer, a male nurse (not a male doctor), several sales associates and account
reps, a carpenter, a painting contractor, a shop foreman, a media producer and a government
undercover agent (that's a secret so don't tell anyone). Music is a nice weekend hobby for most us
(and just a cover story for one of us) to help keep our sanity.

What does the band charge for a gig?
Pieces of Eight plays for food, beer and the love of music. There is also a complex fee structure,
approved by congress for different types of performances... events, night clubs, weddings, festivals,
new years eve, concerts, corporate functions, fund raisers, etc. Please call or email us to explain
your specific event details. We will be happy to provide you a quote. Anyone associated with
events having an open bar automatically qualifies for special consideration. Yes, we can be bribed
with food and beverages and we're not proud of it.

Since you have been performing as a band since 1979, I am sure you guys have some great
back stage stories. Can you tell me some?
Yes, we do... and no, we can't.

What do I need to know to book the band?
Getting eight musicians together at the same time and place is a real challenge. What with soccer
practice, homework, volunteering at the local senior center... schedules are crazy. With that said,
Pieces of Eight books about six to eight months in advance on average. In some cases, the band is
booked a year in advance. In addition, the band is limited to the amount of dates they can perform
due to conflicting personal schedules and a few reoccurring hygiene problems. If you are interested
in having Pieces of Eight perform, please call us as early as possible. It's first come, first serve.

What is a 'beefy wedge'?
A 'beefy wedge' is a phrase coined by the now defunct band The Generators when referring to the
sound system's floor monitors they had rented from us for their reunion concert at the former Euclid
Tavern... Oh sorry, this question should be posted under the mindless trivia link currently in

Can you play with less than eight musicians?
Not really. As a general rule, the band's music relies on all the musicians for their instrumentation,
vocal harmonies and hand-holding abilities in order to sound half way decent. That is subject to
change depending on which band member began drinking early that evening.

Who is the leader of the band?
Barack Obama... oh sorry, thought you asked about the leader of the free world. The band is a
democracy. Nobody is truly in charge at any given moment and sometimes it appears that way on
stage. But if you want to book the band, call or email Bob.

You guys played for my high school prom in 1982. Do you remember me?

We need to hire a band that will play for four hours. How long do you perform at a typical gig?
We perform till the cows come home or four hours... whichever comes first. The band plays three
one-hour sets with two breaks typically. As we get older, bladders become smaller and prostates
grow larger so frequent bathroom breaks become necessary.

The trumpet and trombone player always seem quite friendly toward each other. Do they bat
for the other team?
If by bat you mean swing the other direction... the answer is no... and not that there's anything
wrong with it. They are both married with children... not that there's anything wrong with that
either. Although they have been know to swap spit on at least one occasion (that we know of)
when their tongues accidentally touched during a very special photo session.

My friends and I always have fun when we see the band perform. What would you say is the
key to your success?
Alcohol. Remember the musician's rule of thumb... the more you drink, the better we sound.