* Fun and Games *
Trivia Challenge  Originally written for one of the band's
Christmas parties, this trivia contest provides a few insights
into the history of Pieces of Eight. Click on the thumbnails to
view the Pieces of Eight Trivia Contest.
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Nickname Match Game  From one of the band memo's
written by Dan Hannan, this game matches nicknames to
band members. See how many you can accurately identify.
Here are a few brain teasers that will test the knowledge of
anyone who has been a fan since the early days of the
band. See how many questions you can answer. In
addition, try the maze and test your ability to find the beer
Find the Beer Cooler Maze Written by Rob Vincent for one
of the band "memos" way back when. Rob created the
character of Zoiks Man who appeared on every set list he
wrote. Here Zoiks Man needs to find the band's beer cooler,
a very important piece of band gear. One maze is the
difficult competition level maze, the other is a bit easier to
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