Bio Information

Jim Wilson        

2. AKA - Nickname(s): Meeta.Jeem, The Big Toe

3. Band member since: 1987

4. The primary function I serve in the band is as: Saxophoner and fluter

5. I can also fumble my way through playing: Margaritaville

6. I started playing music when: Dinosaurs ruled the Earth

7. I started playing music because: I had always dreamed of being a band nerd.

8. Besides POE, I currently perform and/or have performed in these other
Nightcoach (Big Band), The Jake and Elwood Blues Revue, Chantz, The
Cleveland Saxtet, and more musical theatre pit orchestras than you can throw a
stick at (if that’s your idea of a good time…). I was also “The Accountant” in an
early version of The Village People.

9. Music is a fun hobby. But in real life, I:
Wait a minute… You mean this isn’t real life???

10. Outside of performing with the band, I have a life. In my personal life, I
Wait a minute… You mean I’m supposed to have a personal life???

11. When not performing in a band I like to:
Use my cell phone to call my house and then hang up. It’s really starting to get
annoying, especially when I call in the middle of the night and wake me up.

12. My thoughts on Pieces of Eight are:
I’m sorry. What was the question again? I seem to have fallen asleep. Someone
keeps calling in the middle of the night and waking me up.

13. My favorite memory of being in the band over the years is probably:
Sorry, but most of my memories have been lost due to beer consumption.

14. Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to add:
About 7 months ago, the voices in my head formed a Barbershop Quartet and
recently took second place at the annual SPEBSQSA convention in Salt Lake City.
They are currently on tour with a dinner theatre performance of The Music Man. I
miss them.
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