Bio Information

Kurt Kendig                

2. AKA - Nickname(s): Stig, Captian-Stig-O-Ma-Jig, Old Man River, Mitchum

3. Band member since: 1979

4. The primary function I serve in the band is as:
Guitar player and vocalist

5. I can also fumble my way through playing: The trombone

6. I started playing music when I was: 10 - trombone, 13 - guitar

7. I started playing music because: “Q” made me

8. Besides POE, I currently perform and/or have performed in these other
Destiny, Stig and Stan

9. Music is a fun hobby. But in real life:
I work for Siemens Building Technologies as a Mechanical Service Account

10. Outside of performing with the band, I have a life. In my personal life:
I am a “honey do" service technician for my wife and a chauffeur for my 5 kids

11. When not performing in a band I like to:
… ah...Pray for world peace

12. My thoughts on Pieces of Eight are:
We should have named the band “free beer”

13. My favorite band related saying is:
“Give me the bucket!”

14. My favorite memory of being in the band over the years is:
Probably in Daytona Beach, with a number of people in the room, Sosic sitting on
the bed, butt naked and drunk and he says “hey anyone wanna bullshit “

15. Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to add:
We really enjoy watching people “dance “
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